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    We collect and use your personal data to provide counseling service.
    ■ Purpose of collection and use: To verify your identification and to contact you to provide counseling service
    *Your personal data is not used for only counseling.
    ■ Items of personal data collected and used: (Compulsory) Company name, personnel in charge (position), cell phone number, e-mail and details
    ■ Period of retention and use: Until counseling service is completed (If indicated by relevant laws, your information will be retained in accordance with the laws.)
    ■ You have the right not to consent to the items above. However, counseling service may be restricted unless you consent to collection of necessary information,
    *Any contents hindering the normal operation of the website, including slanders, insults, obscene expressions, commercial advertisements or repetitive posts of the identical content and personal data of a specific person may be deleted without informing the offender.

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