Brand Story

Pearl is the one-and-only treasure among the many used in their pure, original form. A beautiful pearl cannot be born unless the mother seashell is healthy.

As a creative aesthetic brand for beauty care at home, PEARLCARE presents timeless, consistent, healthy, and absolute beauty.

By analyzing the fundamental principles of how a beautiful pearl is born, effects are improved to deliver qualified beauty experiences.

Our brand is based on the principle that continuous, long-term beauty care, like a pearl, will make everyone enjoy precious beauty.


We make a semi-permanent home medical devices.

We launched home medical devices so that you can take care of yourself withou t an expert.

A cartridge can be used up to 1,000,000 shots, making the device semi-permane nt. Its wide irradiation area, enhanced output and optimized cooling system allow you to treat skin diseases andremove your hair safely at home.

PEARLCARE IPL equipped with a protection system can be used for any parts of th e body.

Multi-functional skin care device

If you apply cream on your face using your hands, some remains in your hands and the content may not be absorbed well into your skin.

To resolve the problems, we developed PEARLCARE High Frequency Massager.

With this four-in-one premium skin care device, you can cleanse your face, make your skin absorb cream well and enhance your skin elasticity using its anionic, cationic and high frequency functions.

There is no end to skin care. Your skin care must be consistent.

Take care of your skin with this semi-permanent device, PEARLCARE High Frequency Massager, all year round.

Meeting the MOTIE safety standards.

Light-emitting diode (LED), widely used for high-tech power-saving lights, is regarded as a new light source for phototherapy.

We launched LED Mask based on our LED-based research in phototherapy.

Its harmless light output, light output distance and eye protection design have passed a safety test, meeting all the safety standards.

Get customized slom care with different functions and options it offers (3-wa ves, 4-modes, 270 LEDs).

Patented technology

PEARLCARE Posture Correction Sitting Mat is made on the basis of two patents, which is distinguished from other companies’ products.

The product is designed to disperse your body pressure so that you can sit on a chair comfortably without the mat going flat for a long period of time to keep your hips sturdy and in shape due to sitting down for a long time.

You can use this product in a variety of chairs of different shapes.

Protection of the back even in old age.

As we are becoming an aging society, more and more people realize how im portant of the role the back plays. However, it is really difficult to habituate yo urself to good posture.

We launched PEARLCARE L Chair to help you maintain good posture and keep your back healthy.

The product supports your back at 100°~110° to induce good posture. The pate nted sitting mat helps you maintain good posture more conveniently